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Dec 10, 2012 2:00pm EST
that businesses are looking for right now and give our kids the kind of education they need to succeed in the 21st century. i want to make sure america leads the world in research and technology and clean energy. i want to put people back to work rebuilding our roads and our bridges and our schools. that's how we grow an economy. i want us to bring down the deficits but i want to do in it a balanced, responsible way. and i want to reward -- i want a tax code that rewards businesses and manufacturers like detroit diesel right here creating jobs right here in redford, right here in michigan, right here in the united states of america. that's where we need to go. that's the country we need to build. and when it comes to bringing up manufacturing back to america, that's why i'm here today. since 1938, detroit diesel has been turns out some of the best engines in the world. over all those years, generations of redford workers have walked through these doors. not just to punch a clock. not just to pick up a paycheck. not just to build an engine. but to build a middle class life for t
Dec 13, 2012 11:00am PST
aging and the committee on health education labor and pensions. >>> and new jersey governor chris christie is talking about whether his weight will keep him from becoming president if he decides to run in the future. here is what he told barbara walters. >> there are people who say that you couldn't be president because your aso heavy, what do you sty them? >> these ridiculous. i don't know what the basis is -- >> i think they are worried about your health. >> i have done this job pretty well. >> those are the things we just thought you should know. >>> time now for the "news nation" gut check, our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll asks who will be to blame if there's no compromise on a fiscal cliff? here are the results. 56% say they had would blame both parties 24% would blame the gop and 19% said they would blame the president and democrats. so, what does your gut tell you? who will be to blame if no compromise is reached, democrats, republicans or both? go to facebook/"news nation" to cast your vote or tweet it to us. see what people are saying about yesterday's cut gut chec
Dec 7, 2012 11:00am PST
... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> there's a whole heck of a lot going on in tri. burglars broke into darrell issa's home a few days ago stealing about $100,000 worth of jewelry. they say the stolen items were priceless heirlooms. >>> nikki haley is looking to replace jim demint. south carolina native and favorite son stephen colbert with with an idea of who should fill that seat. >> who will she pick? you want somebody young and conservative, somebody from south carolina. maybe somebody who had a super pac. wait a second. >> watch where you point that thing. it's powerful. okay. >> governor haley jokingly writing thank you for your interest in the u.s. senate seat, but you didn't know our state drink. big, big mistake. for the record the state drink in south carolina is milk. the 2012 presidential election broke the $2 billion mark making it the most expensive race in american plital history. federal finance reports show p
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)